New book- It's based on a True Story

I’m going to tell you a story about a girl who had a terrible life but she meets a boy who made everything better.

It was January 25th of 2003, A beautiful baby girl was born. Her parents were filled with joy when they saw the little girl. A few months went by and her father would always abuse her mother and this went on for days, till her father forced her mother to sign the divorce papers. Her mother was going to take her and her brother with her, but their father didn’t want her to take them so he punched their mother in the face when she was holding the baby brother. So the mother was forced to leave her children behind with the father. He was also seeing another female at the time of the divorce. A few days later the new girlfriend of the father’s moves in and. At first, everything was okay, and at this time the little girl is one years old. She doesn’t realize that this isn’t her real mother.

A few years went by and the little girl is now three and this is when stuff gets out of hand. She was helping her mother who she still didn’t know wasn’t her real mother, with the dishes and her father came in and started to yell at her mother to move. He said, I can do the dishes cause she was going so slow. She kept arguing with him saying that the little girl was helping her. That’s why it is going slower than normal. But the father didn’t care he pushed her out of the way and he pushed the mother right into the side of the couch and this is when the little girl started screaming at her father saying “STOP YOUR HURTING MOMMY!” Her mother told her to go to her room but her father went over to the little girl and slapped her and said “shut up little brat.” She ran to her bedroom crying, A few minutes her mother comes up into her bedroom as she was covered in bruises

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I couldn’t stop reading this. It hit me on a deeply personal level, although I was never abused as a child. It’s very sad. And it’s good to know that there’s a boy who eventually made things better.

I hope you keep writing.

This was a great, I loved it.

Hello. I’m new to dabble… I could use a ‘penpal’ to give me advice. Looking forward to new beginning! As I’m deaf and looking forward to publishing my book, and maybe a movie?:upside_down_face::grin:

Pictures is blurred for safety reasons.