New to Forums, Some Questions, Mostly Conversation

Hello everyone, I decided to give these forums a shot just because it’s 2AM, I’m burnt out on writing, and thought it’d be cool to get to know other writers.

I’ve been working on this story for the past year or so, and it’s gotten a bit precious to me but at the same time it’s getting difficult. It seems the closer I get to finishing, the more self doubt I find.

“Am I writing a good story?” “Would this be entertaining?” “Will this make any meaningful impact to anyone?”

I don’t necessarily know exactly what this has to do with anything, but I figure it can’t hurt to just type. Type about writing for the sake of it, maybe others are going through similar things.

I find writing these days like typing through mud, because even when I’m fitting new scenes into the story, I feel like I’m scrutinizing every single line. “Does this add anything, does this mean anything, does this connect to anything, is this information the reader knows, does this contradict anything?” etc. etc.

Hard to write when you feel the pressure of continuity eggshells all around you.

Guess in general I’m just feeling a lot of self doubt, and less and less eager to show people what I’ve got going on, which feels weird. It’s gotten to the point where I just want to start new projects to fill my time where I can’t think of what to write with my big one.

However my big one is so close to being completed with some level of polish I just feel like I’m stalling, just unable or unwilling to see this to completion.

Sometimes I look at what I’m doing with my story and maybe I’m jaded, but it really feels like dry, crappy, this and that. Though everyone I’ve shown snippets to said they love it. Guess that’s the curse of being a writer huh?

Anyways I should probably stop rambling, a pleasure to meet you all, and if anyone is interested in offering some words of wisdom that would be super awesome.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Allison,

first of all, enjoy the holidays!
Sometimes it’s best to take a step back. Breath, eat, drink, party… Don’t drive yourself crazy!

I find myself in most of the questions you have asked above. Mostly, I have shared my work with friends and family only … but with some more time and polishing, I might soon (self-)publish some stories. I am terrified … both about knowing and NOT knowing what other people might think … We are afraid of being judged, and relentless in judging ourselves.
Most writers (artists? :slight_smile: ) set high expectations for their work and performance, whether it is just a hobby or a private obsession or a career.

There is no such thing as the perfect book.
Tomorrow, you might learn or experience something new, that you want to use for your writing. There can always be a next book, a different story for you to tell, a next BIG project.
Kids grow up, but they will forever be someone’s children.
So don’t take every letter, every word too seriously. Don’t worry, if the first draft is not a shiny gem. Get it down, polish it later.

Most important of all: Have fun in the process!

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My biggest thing was sharing my work. I never did it. I wasn’t ever going to finish it because I was always second guessing things.

So one day I started a blog for my MC. A place I could share his thoughts, and words without worrying about the story. This built up my confidence in sharing my work - a like a comment were great indicators that someone else liked my MC’s thoughts and world.

I decided then to share a scene a week. Then I shared my current nano project as I wrote it. It kinda grew more confidence. I realize most of my writing isn’t unpolished but I’m sharing and that was more than I used to do.