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Not normal monkey :monkey:

Once upon a time…

There was a monkey named Monty. He wasn’t a normal monkey because he lived in a house in the suburbs, a neighborhood with humans. He has a job working for a television show “called “ that crazy monkey. He really doesn’t like his job because his dream job is being a cook on tv.
He was sad, so he took a day off from work.

One day he went to Dino land, and he saw all these cool dinosaurs, also food stands, then his stomach rumbled. He saw a food stand. It had pizza, and the sign said any toppings on your pizza. We have it all. He went to t-Rex’s pizza :pizza:, and he got a pizza with cheese & pepperoni and bananas, also a banana smoothie drink.

He walked around and eating his pizza and drinking his smoothie and he stop and saw these cars shape like dinosaurs :t_rex: and all these little kids noticed him from that television show that crazy monkey and the kids started chase him so he dropped his pizza and his banana smoothie and ran,

In a scary haunted house it has scary dinosaurs clowns looking creepy and they look at mr. monkey

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