None of my projects are loading on the app or chrome but i can get it on my phone. Help please

I’m having trouble with the app and chrome. It lets me login but none of my projects are there. But when i open the app from my phone there all there. I work better on the computer as i can see everything better but nothing is loading there for me. Please someone help.

Hi Casey,

Have you contacted Support? I ask because they’re usually pretty responsive when it comes to things like this. If you haven’t, be sure and do that.

While you’re waiting you can try these steps:

  1. Export your database on your phone by going to the user button (right next to the question mark in the program), Preferences, scroll all the way down, and click the button to export the whole database. This will give a point to recover from in case something goes wonky. Which it won’t, but. “Trust, but verify.”
  2. Try clearing Chrome’s cache on your computer: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Play Help and then log in again.
  3. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app.

Definitely let Support know, though. They always fix things for me very quickly when something goes haywire.

I reached out to them but they are gone for the day so i wont hear back until tomorrow. It was fine. until i refreshed my browser.

And as i thought it fixed itself. lol at least they know though.

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I’m glad it is fixed, but it’s always annoying when “magic maintenance” is the thing that helps.