Novel Project gear icon at top of Nav area

I am trying Dabble for the first time. I read all the explanations of how things work, but I’m confused by the Novel Project Actions gear icon at top, where I can plug in a title, versus the Manuscript section where I can ALSO plug in a title. I’ve now changed the title next to the gear icon, but nothing has changed under Manuscript; it still reads “Untitled Book.” This makes me think I maybe shouldn’t have changed the name by the gear … but there is a lot of stuff to fill out there, so maybe I SHOULD have started there??? I’m a bit confused about what I should and shouldn’t fill out or how to actually set things up and get started. Maybe I’m just being “duh” tonight, but would appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks!

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The Gear is the title of the project. You can then name each book underneath it which is why it still say Untitled project.

This is so that you can write a series inside of the same project with multiple books or manuscripts for whatever reason.

This is the structure of my current project. You can see a full structure with the Book The Shadow Lands. So you have Project -> Book -> Chapter -> Scene


Thanks so much. I’m starting to get the hang of it! :slight_smile: