Novel Soundtracks

Does anyone else create playlists that capture their storyline or chapter moods? I find that sometimes if I’m stuck on where I want a story to go or what type of history I want a character to have, having a song to refer to can help flesh things out.

So far I’ve created soundtracks for 2 of the novels I’m working on. Would love to know if anyone else does this.


I do something similar. If the mood of my scene is peppy and light, I play peppy and light music. If it is sad and dark, I play a similar genre. I think it helps.

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I have although lately Ive been really loving just having perfect quiet in my house. No radio, no iTunes.

My list creations tend to be more haphazard though, accidental. If I happen to hear a song that characterizes something Im working on then I take note of it. Otherwise, Im really at a loss as to where to find music material. I tend to lean on jazz and new age music for inspiration.

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Most of mine were by accident too. I wanted to start a playlist for my latest work but was lost. then I heard the perfect song…then another. It was like the universe was like “here ya go, heres all the perfect songs”

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I do this as well! I have a novel playlist for my current WIP. :slight_smile: