One Scene with multiple plot points from one character

Hello, All

in regards to the Plot Grid, I’m wondering how other writers handle a single scene that represents/illustrates multiple plot points from one character? Say like you have a single scene that shows a single character’s Goal, Motive, and Stakes, for example.

Is there a way to stack or attach multiple plot point cards from one character to a single scene card?


Really depends on how you want to structure it. You can have one card per character or one card per plot point. Each plotline could be titled however you want.

Personally, I put everything in one card and expand the card note on the scene so I can read the whole scene card/plot point card while I"m typing. I don’t have multiple character POVs and I’m only really making notes relative to that scene. But I do have at other times multiple cards, but that was before the card opened up when it was a large enough side bar.


Ah, I see what you mean @AJ_Hunter. That does make sense.

I was starting to go down that route but wondered if there was another/better way to do it. After looking at your example, that does seem like the easiest way to go.

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!


You could also have 3 plot lines titled Goals, Motives, and Stakes and set those for each scene. You could list each character in the scene on each card and list their goal, motive, and stake.


Hey, @Jacob

That is a very interesting way of looking at it.

I’m just learning how to use plot grids for my writing and am finding them to be very helpful. My characters usually have anywhere up to 19 possible plot points for their storylines (at least the important storylines) so I’m looking at different ways to structure them in Dabble’s Plot Grid System.

I believe the best way for me so far is what @AJ_Hunter suggested as that’s been working out for me since I’ve taken their suggestion.

Below are the plot points I use for my character’s storylines (just sharing in case anyone may find them helpful)

GOAL : What do they want?

MOTIVE : Why do they want it?

PAYOFF : What’s gained if they succeed?

STAKES : What’s lost if they fail?

ANCHOR : Why can’t they give up?

CONFLICT : What’s hindering them from achieving their goal?

PLAN : How do they plan to achieve their goal?

DILEMMA : What plot point are they conflicted about and why?

SECRET : What don’t they want anyone to know about this plot?

1ST ACTION : Describe how they achieve or fail this step.

2ND ACTION: Describe how they achieve or fail this step.

ARC: What event fundamentally changes them, and how?

TWIST : What surprise event helps, hinders, or changes their plan or goal?

BREAK : What event breaks them, and how?

MEND : What event revives them and how?

3RD ACTION : Describe how they achieve or fail this step.

RESOLUTION: Ultimately, how do they fail or achieve their goal?

CONSEQUENCES : What’s lost or gained through the resolution?

AFTERMATH: What are the lasting effects of those consequences?


cool very much a different take on a beat sheet.


Thanks, @AJ_Hunter, it’s an amalgamation of things I’ve learned over time.