Paragraph Formatting Help

Whenever I export a book to Word, the Word file has paragraphs with no line break and indents at the beginning of each paragraph even though my settings in Dabble are modern style with 1 1/12 spacing, and it looks right while typing in Dabble.

Additionally, Dragon’s dictation box always seems to spit out double-spaced paragraphs in Dabble. This is annoying because I write using both my keyboard and Dragon, so I end up with differently sized paragraph line breaks.

The first problem is an irritation, but not too time consuming since I just have to change the formatting in Word. The second is much more time-consuming, as I manually have to go through and make sure each paragraph has the same sized line break.

Am I missing a setting that will fix this? If not, are there any updates planned to resolve the problem? I know full integration with Dragon isn’t necessarily planned, but it would be nice if it at least interacted with Dragon’s dictation box correctly (the dictation box is what Dragon used to let you dictate into apps without native support).

Other than that, I’m loving Dabble!

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The first has nothing at all to do with your settings. Dabble exports in typical manuscript format only. So it has no formatting other than what you see. You can’t change it at the moment.

The settings in Dabble are only for the display of your text in the app.

As far as Dragon I don’t know. That is probably something you might need to work with @Jacob on from the in app support.

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This sounds like you’re under-utilizing the power of styles. When paragraphs are not styled the way you like then you can change the paragraph style globally and instantly change the appearance of all paragraphs in one fell swoop.

I’m thinking along the lines of How to Apply Styles and Style Sets in Word 2019.

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Hi Shauna. I have noticed, when using speech recognition dictation with my Apple dictation that when I tell it to perform a “new paragraph,” it will always put in two carriage returns. I seems to be a system wide default. Perhaps there is a setting in Dragon dictation that you could change to make it default to one carriage return. Or perhaps you could even use a different command such as “carriage return” instead of “new paragraph.” (I don’t know Dragon Dictation’s actual commands, so I’m just using what seems to work in Apple dictation.) Good luck!

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What is a paragraph? It’s a simple question.

So when I’m not using a word processor like Dabble I write in Markdown, and it forces me to type a blank line between paragraphs. Otherwise the lines are joined into a long paragraph.

When I’m using a word processor I let the paragraph style determine how much space is inserted in front of and after a paragraph.

Now I tend to move text around several applications. What invariably happens is that I wind up with a lot of blank lines and space between paragraphs. In that case I will spend a few minutes and hone my skills with regular expressions. (regex). Thus emboldened I’ll do a search and replace using a crafted regex to clean up the text.

Dabble supports regex search and replace :smile:

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I THINK one of Jacob’s fixed recently fixed this problem.

I write in markdown when I’m not in dabble. So I have had the same problem.

I think there was a way around the extra spaces so I went to go test my theory before posting. But first I checked to make sure there was a problem.

I pasted my markdown scene into a new dabble project and there were no extra spaces and it was formated per the book layout selected.

But I think if it is a problem that if you ‘paste as plain text’ I think it would eliminate the double spaces. But again I can’t test that theory as it was working with just a regular past from sublime text 3 into dabble.

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