Paste into Dabble while keeping italics?

Hey! I just signed up for the trial since a friend recommended me Dabble and although pricing is an issue for me here in Brazil, I’d like to give the app a try.
The problem is that I have 50k words written in Scrivener, with a lot of italics
I can’t seem to be able to paste into Dabble and keep those italics. I’d like to know if there’s a workaround for that.

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I’ve got Scrivener 3.2.2 here on a Macintosh running Catalina and the latest Dabble 1.6.4 desktop application. There is no problem copying bolded or italicized text from Scrivener into Dabble. I can also copy styled text from another application, namely Typora with complete fidelity.

It seems that the copy/paste process in your workflow is discarding the styling of the text.

So there is something different between my system and yours. More details about your system may help uncover the reason for the behavior you’re seeing.


I’m running Windows 10 and I believe the latest Dabble too. I tried everything. From copying directly from Scrivener, to exporting it on a doc, docx, but just doesn’t work. The problem seems to be with Dabble itself, kinda losing all of my formatting once I paste there.

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Ok, I just figured out. Here’s how I did it for who’s having this issue too:

  1. Export your chapter from Scrivener as a doc;
  2. Open a new file in Google Docs, import the doc there;
  3. Open Dabble on your browser (not application - the process need to happen within the same software);
  4. Paste your chapter. It should keep the formatting.
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Good sleuthing @Hmamaral :+1: Your insight saved you hours of misery doing manual reformatting.

It’s also additional evidence that Jacob made a good choice designing Dabble as a web app. It’s the reason I can run Dabble on my favorite operating system; Linux.

This is such an interesting problem though. I have to wonder about the typeface you’re using. Is the font you’re copying over into Dabble one that’s not a web font? It seems like Dabble isn’t able to see rich text on the clipboard.

IIRC the way Windows copy&paste works is that the application doing the copy is supposed to place a bunch of differently formatted versions of the material being copied onto the clipboard. The application doing the paste gets to choose from among those formats.

So either Scrivener on Windows does not place the rich text onto the clipboard or Dabble does not like what it sees and just takes the plain text version.

Perhaps @Jacob can weigh in on the issue.

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Dabble parses the HTML given it from the operating system clipboard and keeps formatting that it supports such as bold and italics (in HTML it is italic words) and ignores other formatting such as font family and size.

I just checked it out with Scrivener 3 on Mac with a bit of bold and italics and it worked fine.

@Hmamaral, are you using Windows? If you’d like to triage this with me, you can paste a small snippet that is losing the italics when going to Scrivener into this page Paste Test in the top box and then share with me the results in the bottom box. This can help me see what Dabble might be missing.