Craft your story

Plot vs Character


I seem to be very good at creating interesting characters, characters that my beta readers seem to love, but I have trouble with plot. Plot is my weak point. My characters hook people but they don’t seem to want to do anything. Anyone else have trouble with plot?


A book named “Save the Cat Writes a Novel” has helped me tremendously.


I did have that problem.

I forced my awesome character into a story. I drew up this forced plot outline. And I wrote the story. But it wasn’t great. But what it did was help me build the true story.

My character’s story no longer even resembles that first one.

I always have a problem with making a story, I can create vivid characters and awesome worlds. But no story. I just had to force it. I think writing any story even if it’s not their story will help you find the character, and the story they want to tell.

Find a writing prompt that looks fun, twist it to your needs plot out the fine points. Not the details. X happens, that leads to Y and then we need A, B and C to happen and finally Z.

You should learn something, rinse and repeat.


I just bought that and am excited to read it.


I hope you love it. It’s helped me set a framework for my writing that was clear and concise.