Plotting a Book Series

I’m new to Dabble but am finding it very useful. One thing I am struggling with at the moment is how to use it to plot a series of books and track the overarching plot throughout each individual book. I hope that makes sense.

As of now, I have three books in my series. Here is my setup.

Project: Series Title:

  Book: Book 1
  Book: Book 2
  Book: Book 3

  Plot: Series Overarching Plot
  Plot: Book 1 Plot
  Plot: Book 2 Plot
  Plot: Book 3 Plot

And for the Series Overarching Plot plot grid, I have a plot line for each book.

I have no issues using the plot grid, plot line, and plot point for each book on its own. I have a plot line setup in each to list plot points that tie into the series plot. What I’m trying to do now is figure out the best way to tie those back into the series plot grid so it will show up per book.

Any thoughts or suggestions on the best way to do this? Is there a way that my Series Plot plot line in each book could automatically show up under the proper book in the Series plot grid? Or is a matter of just filling that in manually?

Hope this all makes sense.

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Welcome CJ!

I’ve thought about how to plot a series, though I haven’t done it yet. I think I would want a generic plot grid to work on the overarching plot that spans all the books. I would probably treat it the same as the book plot grids, with the left-most plot line being the main plot and others being various plot lines. Maybe put a blank row between books.

Then in my individual book plot grids, I would be sure to place those things worked out in the overarching plot in their corresponding plot lines. Maybe I would have a plot line in each called “Overarching Plot” and include points in there that tie the stories together.

Some series are like one long story that is broken up into sections. This might not work as well for them.

I would be more of a TV drama writer where each episode/book is a solid story by itself, but it ties into the bigger story at key points in the story (mostly the begging and the end) with the last book’s plot finishing up the bigger story. My favorite book and TV show follow this pattern, Harry Potter and Avatar Last Airbender.

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