Popup menus overlap. Can't use back one

Hi! Can anyone figure out what I can do about this?

As you see in the image, when i make a selection, two elements overlap, making the underneath one inaccessible.

In the sample, I want the word GARDENER to be in bold font. Selecting the word brings up the (awesome) [black] formatting menu/toolbar/whatchamacallit, but it ALSO brings up the [white] shortcut cut-copy-paste menu/toolbar/whatchamacallit. You can maybe see the very edges of the black one sticking out from under the white one.

Since the black formatting one is (always) the one in the background, I can’t get to it. I try getting to it by very carefully clicking the sliver of the edge of the black one with my stylus, but that rarely works.

Was that as confusing as i think it was? Thoughts?

I think you can drag the android bar away. I can on my phone but might be a feature of my phone as mine has three dots to show more interactions.

Will add it to the list of things we will look into and fix.