Portable keyboard

since Dabble is now mobile I decided to get a portable keyboard when I bought a new Kindle Fire (I read more then anything else so it made sense). This little $20 keyboard was an awesome decision. It folds into its own carrying case but is movable so I can prop my Fire up


I bought a Belken bluetooth keyboard with a stand at the back that is also the power on/off switch so as long as you close it you don’t forget to turn it off and drain the battery further :slight_smile: I love my keyboard. I started carrying it with me again now with mobile.

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When I saw this post, I had to take a look because I have also been using a mobile keyboard. Low and behold, it’s the same keyboard!

Mine is branded by Fintie, which cames with a tablet case my daughter bought from Amazon. It attaches magnetically to the case so is easy to remove.

Mine, however doesn’t have the stand, so I have to get more creative. I use a magnetic car mount suctioned to a smooth surface and I have a very nice mobile setup!


The “stand” on mine is actually the case for it as well. The closing is magnetic and when you open it the flap folds into a triangle

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I bought a keyboard too! Mine’s a little more expensive, it’s a Logitech K480. I got it for $100. It’s mechanical, and has a stand built in. I like it so far. Because of quarantine however, I haven’t used it much outside the house. But I’ll probably use it mostly for in the car when I’m out and about.

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