Previous version of document?

My keyboard on my chromebook can sometimes highlight a whole page (or several paragraphs) when I’m typing. When it does I can type over what I’m writing. Here’s the issue: I typed over something and didn’t realize it. While I was trying to find out how to use Undo, my file synced…and now I can’t get my original, pre-overwritten page. Is there any way I can get someone to help me find the last few syncs of my document?


Hi Robin,

version control is a top priority for the next big update.
Internally, it has always worked with versions and for your current situation, it is best to contact @Jacob through the app (“Contact with Support”) and describe what and when you lost part of your manuscript. @Jacob is able to retrieve that for you.
When version control is live for all of us, it should also allow to work collaboratively on manuscripts with a co-author, editor or alpha/beta-reader :slight_smile:


The highlighting and stuff could be your wrists and arms dragging over the touch pad. I know on my laptop that I have to turn OFF the touch pad otherwise my cursor jumps allover the place and does the same thing, losing material or jumping to a different spot.

I have an external mouse and turn the pad off it’s usually a secondary function of the Fkeys. have to hold Fn downa and one of the keys to get it to toggle on and off. I could check my chrome book but I’d think it should be the same on one.

and as chris said I’m sure jacob can help you out in chat.