Printing Plot grids?

Is there a way to either convert the plotgrid note cards to Word or print them out from the site? I was playing around with printing and I noticed you can only print what is on the screen and nothing further. You have to keep scrolling through to print otherwise it just print’s the screen. Just curious, it makes it easier when setting up the chapters since I’m using the plot grid the wrong way, I’m just moving the scenes from one place to another. And seeing the scenes in the notecards helps me figure out what goes where instead of having to move from screen to screen and back since there’s no way to view the notecards and chapters side by side.

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I don’t know about printing, but I have found ways to view different elements side by side. I tend to use Dabble through a web browser (so that I can zoom in to make the text larger) and will sometimes have it open twice, with each instance open to a separate part of the project. That might be a way to view chapters and notes at the same time?

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Better printing is something I would like to add, but right now there aren’t any great workarounds. @Tristian’s suggestion is a good one.

If you’re a Macintosh user you have the option to create a custom paper size. For example define a page size of 8.5 inches by 220 inches. That defines a page 20x taller than a single letter sized page.

Now open your web browser, navigate to your Dabble manuscript and display the plot view. Select your 8.5x220 inch page and print/save to PDF. Open the PDF in preview and trim off the empty pages.

If your plot grid is wider than a page, define a paper size both wider and taller.

Now to actually print that single tall page to a physical printer? I suppose if your printer supported banner paper you could do it. Banner paper is letter-sized paper that’s joined to the other sheets for printing banners. And in a pinch you could go to Kinko’s (I think Fedex bought them) and use their print service.

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