I subscribed to Dabble about 3 months ago and have not really reviewed everything on how to use this program. I have decided to do that now. I do have a concern about the privacy of my writing, I think I understand the work we do on Dabble is saved to the cloud? Please correct me if I am wrong. Who would have access to anything that we write?

I am a beginner and I would not want people reading anything I write until I feel comfortable. I don’t want anyone to have access to it is what I am saying. If someone could explain how it works that would be great. I do apologize if this has already been addressed on the site, I just have not learned to navigate the program as of yet. Thank you in advance for reading my post. Again any help in explaining this would be great,


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Only you have access to your writing. Jacob who is the developer could potentially look at it but he’s only doing so if you need assistance - say you lost a chunck of data, or if you deleted something you shouldn’t have. Things like that.

Your data is safe. He uses Firebase - here is there info page for cloud information which explains a little on security. But also for your own reference if you want to look into it deeper.


Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.


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In addition to storing the data encrypted on our servers, it is sent over an encrypted connection during sync. Only Dabble support personnel have access to your content, and it is only accessed when required to help you.

Dabble stores a copy of your data on your own computer so you can write offline. When you sign out of Dabble, it deletes the local database to protect your privacy as well, so if you were to write at the library’s public computer and sign out when you were done, there would be no trace of your content. You know, if libraries were open right now. :slight_smile:



Thank you for your detailed reply to my questions. It makes me feel much better about privacy. I have not had the nerve to start writing in dabble yet because I bought the scrivener program a while back and never was able to figure it out and I wrote and deleted until I had the program all out of whack. I could not even use it after I got done trying to write in it. I hope to start writing in your program within the next week. Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!!