Problems Editing in Android

I have Dabble set up as a webapp on my phone, but it doesn’t work well for editing. I want to use it to review my draft work on the go. However when I try to correct missing words or bad word choices, it usually overwrites the words down the line, eliminates spaces or declares the whole change a spelling error. Since I can’t just tap to insert a space, I usually end up having to fix the mess on my laptop.
(This may be an issue related to the touchscreen mode in general, but I’ve not been brave enough to test out that theory.)
I use a Google Pixel 3A running Android OS version 10 & using the stock GBoard.

  1. Is there a setting that I need to change to correct for this?
  2. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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We’ve worked out that GBoard has some arguments with the app, which may be your issue. I use the Gramarly keyboard and it usually works pretty well (aside from when it decides to complete words, but that’s a Gramarly problem not a Dabble one). Changing the keyboard fixed this issue for me and it’s much easier to write and edit on my phone now.


Gboard keyboard is the isssue. Also can confirm that switching keyboards also worked for me.

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This is something on our list to try and work around. The autocomplete with Gboard doesn’t work correctly in the browser, and I need to research more to discover what can be done to work around its issues. Sorry for this!