Problems with new version

Is anyone having problems with the new version? I can’t do anything in my manuscript, can’t click into other chapters and all my side notes are gone.

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The latest version is Web v2.2.4 and it works all right for me.

Update: This is using the Brave web browser on a Linux system.

Update: Version 2.2.4 on both macOS El Capitan and Monterey also work fine here.

I have the latest version. It works good for a few seconds then stops letting me click into different chapters. I’m using a Mac. I tried it on my husbands Mac and it’s doing the same thing :frowning:

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Just to help with troubleshooting, I’m on the other end of the tech spectrum. PC Windows 10, Android devices. The update is working great on all devices.

Any chance you have a phone number for the help desk? No response with the online chat. Really getting frustrated.

The version went to 2.2.6 since last time.

  1. Try again.?
  2. Also consider logging out and logging back into your Dabble account.

Jacob found some bugs in the program that was causing the issues. There is a new version out now, I think it ends with a 6.

I just launched Dabble in the web browser.
It’s now at version “Web v2.2.7”