Are there currently any thoughts about adding more functionality from ProWritingAid? Like maybe getting to the word explorer or seeing the reports?

If not, perhaps an easy way to give more integration is a way to open a chapter in ProWritingAid. Then taking the changes.


Robert smith

Hi everyone

Hi Mike, check out this link to the Dabble Feature Upvote for more PWA functionality. Vote and comment if you wish. Full access to/for ProWritingAid - Dabble

I have a lifetime license to Pro Writing Aid and use it in MS Word by exporting the Dabble Manuscript to Word, then after doing the deeper editing and clean up with Pro Writing Aid I import it back into the Dabble Manuscript.

Pro Writing Aid is a super heavy lifting tool for editing a final project. I never use it when writing the story until Iā€™m done with a significant version.

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Thanks :heart: