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Put unwanted scene text in the scene card

I always get nervous about deleting unwanted text in a scene. There may be a need for it int he future.

In the past, I usually cut and pasted them into a “trash” scene at the end of the chapter, in a “trash” chapter at the end of the manuscript, or a “trash” note in the Notes section.

The problem with this is finding the text in a mass of other text would be difficult. There’s no context of organization. It also means a lot of scrolling down the navigation to get to that “trash” scene. I could create a new “trash” scene per selection of cut text, and title it in a way that helps me find it later, but that is even more work.

So now what I do it cut and paste the unwanted text into the Scene’s card. This way it will be easier to find since it is “attached” to the scene from which it was taken, but it only takes a single click to open the card and paste. I also don’t need to scroll down the navigation pane!


Wouldn’t it be nice if the writer could mark certain text in the manuscript to be hidden rather than deleted? A simple control to search in marked text, another to hide/mute/reveal it?


Great idea. I didn’t realise there was that much room in those card areas. My scenes are between 850-3000 words. They can handle that much?

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Like in edit mode in a PDF file.

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Many of my scene cards hold a lot of information and I haven’t hit a limit yet. However when I delete a whole scene or chapter, I move it to a new project and it lives there in that graveyard, so I haven’t tried it with a whole scene before.


Good idea.

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