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PWA Contextual Thesaurus?

I know Dabble has PWA spelling and grammar checking built into the platform, but the feature I REALLY want to make use of is the PWA Contextual Thesaurus feature of the plugin.

I’ve read elsewhere in the community that the PWA browser extension and Dabble don’t play well together. I’ve tried disabling spelling and grammar checking in my Dabble settings and enabling the extension instead, but it seems the extension simply won’t act on text in the editor.

Am I missing something or is PWA Contextual Thesaurus just a no-go in Dabble?


right now the editor doesn’t work with PWA extension or Grammeraly or any of them. They expect a text box like experience and can’t read the way Dabble is written. Even Grammarly is only in beta for Google docs.

I do not know if @Jacob has plans to do any integrating for that. You might want to check the features suggested and if it’s not there suggest it yourself.

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That’s unfortunate. The thesaurus is my favorite feature of PWA. :confused:

I saw several suggestions about adding a thesaurus feature, but nothing that specifically mentioned PWA so I took your advice and suggested it:


That’s a great idea and a step in the right direction… I would like to be able to use my premium PWA inside Dabble with all its very useful features …


Looks like my suggestion is still in limbo awaiting moderation.

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Hey @Erin_Gibson, I can add the thesaurus functionality to Dabble’s PWA implementation. Hopefully, I can get that on the calendar soon. We’ve had a lot going on this year so far and it has put us behind development schedules.

I also have some ideas for more advanced word searches using reverse dictionary lookup (where you type in a description and we find words that might mean what you are looking for). OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus is what I’d use. Try it out and let me know if the results are useful at all.


Hi Jacob
This looks like it good be very useful indeed.


I like the looks of that. I think my biggest thing is I don’t want to have to leave Dabble or pause writing for more than a few seconds, so it’s helpful to me if any tools are accessible inline and are very simple. I do some drafting in Evernote and I LOVE that the PWA thesaurus works there.