Quick suggestions

Is it possible to turn off the inspirational quotes? They aren’t really my jam, and I find them to be a bit distracting.

When I reach my word count goal for the day, I get a popup notification that covers the center of the text box and requires me to click off of it (same if I reach my overall word count goal). Ideally, I’d like a little popup notification to let me know (that’s great and fun and rewarding), but one that is maybe more of what happens with you say ‘congratulations’ or something is a text string and little confetti animation rain down. Big and active and fun and visible, but that fade on their own after a few second with text or larger animations located more towards the upper third of the page so you can still mostly see what you’re doing and keep going without having to stop and close a text box.

I have a few projects I actively work on, all with different word count goals and progress. It would be really neat to be able to see from the project select screen a small indicator for each project of whether or not I’ve reached my word count goal for the day, the total word count for the project, and the little 30-day bar counter of daily goals reached.


Great suggestions!

Do you know the Feature page yet? https://dabble.featureupvote.com/
You can put any requests there and the community can vote on them.

I’d also appreciate, if I could keep typing while the congrats message pops up or have it disappear with the next key stroke.


Oh, cool beans. I did not realize about the feature page; I’ll check it out. Thanks!


Yeah the that is slightly annoying I think I have to click back in the document too.

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Great feedback. Thank you!

The inspirational quotes actually help give you something to look at while everything loads (instead of a loading spinner). You can click to close it as soon as things are loaded so you don’t have to stare at it for the full amount of time.

I will consider making it optional.

I imagine for most people the quotes land somewhere between a welcome change from a loading wheel to largely unnoticeable. I’m completely aware that it’s because of the specific way I’m using Dabble (where I’m working on multiple projects, jumping around through a lot of screens, meeting multiple daily writing goals) that all the things I’ve brought up are acutely noticeable to me. Optional would be awesome :slight_smile: Also, it’s super neat that you take the time to respond to feedback in the way you do! I’m so impressed with the community and developer feedback here.

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