Quotes acting strange

Dabble automatically creates smart quotes or “curly quotes” when writing… usually. I honestly don’t care much either way so long as it’s consistent. Except now all the sudden they’ve stopped and anything new I write are just straight quotes (I mean this happened over night)

I wrote a bunch last night, curly quotes all over. I’m now rereading and adjusting those scenes and any new quote I type directly into Dabble (I’m not pasting from somewhere else) are straight quotes. I don’t understand what changed? Why is dabble not switching those anymore? The quotes looks so much smaller this way and it’s really bothering me when some are bigger and some are smaller.

Anyone else seeing this? I looked through the preferences and didn’t see anything about it. Is it a change due to feedback of people not liking the curly quotes? (can you give us the option to adjust previously written quotes in that case?) Is it a glitch? I’m not sure.

There are a number of people experiencing this. I know at least two of us have contacted support, although they won’t be in for another hour or so. So, I do think it’s a glitch.

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Okay thanks. I just noticed spell check not working too.

It looks like it’s fixed now. Yay!

I did not notice a problem with spellcheck; you might want to contact support if it’s still not working for you. Both spellcheck and grammar checking was working okay for me.

Ugh, yup, quotes aren’t working for me, em-dashes or spell check :frowning:

Never mind, it’s all working for me now. I just had to close it out and reopen and was all good.

A release was hopefully fixed to address most of these issues. If any persist let us know.

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Nox just told me (on her awesome blog) that you are working for Dabble now. I think that is awesome! Congratulations and good luck!

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Nox is slightly offended you called him a her… but yes I’m part of the Dabble team. Jacob hasn’t officially announced it here, but he did in discord lol. And I’m finding it harder and harder not to answer with the knowledge I have.

Thanks and I’m glad to be here. It’s been fun so far. Love what I did, but really love what I do now.

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Please let Nox know that I am deeply sorry and it won’t happen again. :slight_smile:

You’ve always been good at helping people understand Dabble. You and Dabble are a great match!

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