Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Works with Dabble

It’s been a pleasure working with the new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 4 GB RAM. This credit-card sized board runs Raspbian 10 Linux and can drive dual HDMI displays. I’ve attached one 4K monitor and set it to 2560x1440@60Hz for optimum viewing.

Now Dabble Desktop in its present incarnation is not available for the ARM CPU. This is the same family CPU that runs on all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

No matter. Dabble runs just fine in the Chromium web browser. It is in fact glorious. It’s snappy enough for my 56,000-word manuscript. The screen is such that it can display a good portion of the plot grid at one time. Indeed I’m thinking that the monitor should be remounted in portrait mode for the purposes of writing.

The 4K monitor is by far the most expensive component of this writing solution. The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B kit alone costs just north of $100. I have no financial ties to the vendor. I think that a writing solution at this price point is worth sharing.

Write On!


Raspberry pi is awesome

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Very cool @Johannes_Rexx.

What is cool is that Dabble works so perfectly on the Raspberry Pi. This is all on Jacob and his prowess with Ze Codez. Remember that the officially supported desktop systems for Dabble are Windows and Macintosh, both of which are x86-based CPUs. But the Raspberry Pi systems are based on the ARM processor, quite a different CPU entirely. Still online Dabble works on all of them. That rocks.

So I did further testing using web browsers designed for light weight and found that both surf and luakit also work very well with online Dabble.

It seems that all you really need is a web browser with good JavaScript support. Dabble will warn you if your web browser isn’t capable of supporting it.