Redo on Chrome MacOS

I use (mostly) Chrome on MacOS Catalina. In Dabble, Cmd-Z works fine for Undo, but Shift-Cmd-Z for Redo doesn’t work. (It does nothing.)

Any thoughts appreciated.

Ctrl+Shift+Z works here in the forms but so does Ctrl+Y Can you give that a try and see if that works in Dabble? So it would be Cmd+Y I think for MacOS.

I don’t know if dabble is handling the multiple key stroke for redo but it was working with just Y when I tested it.

I’ve no idea what I was doing wrong before but Shift-Cmd-Z is working now. Thank you.

Cmd-Y doesn’t work, though. That opens a new window containing the browser history.

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sometimes it happens. You told on it so now it works.