Release 1.2.3


  • Added Find & Replace functionality.
  • Added preference to use browser find when using the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added “Book Scenes” as child view to Manuscript Plot Grids to support searching through them.
  • Changed default Plot Grid to a Manuscript Plot Grid when creating a new project.


Find & Replace has finally come. It does not work with popup note cards as it would be jarring to have them opening and closing as you search through your project. But every bit of text can be accessed through the manuscript, story notes, and a Manuscript Plot Grid with the new Book Scenes child view.

The new Book Scenes child view also allows you to see all your scenes in their full note card view just like plot lines and to even add/delete scenes from this view. It may be easier for some to create your story this way. You can then go back and add chapters in the Manuscript view which allows you to place them in-between scenes like dividers.

Find & Replace supports the regular keyboard shortcuts for your OS. If you want to use the browser find when using Ctrl+F or Cmd+F you can change this functionality in the Preferences panel.

Find & Replace supports for the currently selected document or the whole project, Match Whole Word, Match Case, and even Regular Expression for those programmer types who can use that.



Thank you Jacob. The Find and Replace implementation is superb, user friendly and uber useful.

  • Johannes
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I’m so glad you like it @Johannes_Rexx! You’ve been asking for this one for over a year. :smile:

The Book Scenes view is amazing, thank you. It really helps to see the details on the notecards and be able to sort them out all at once.

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Thanks @Tristian!