Release 1.3.12


  • Fixes formatting issues in story notes
  • Adds additional list formatting options


When you pressed Enter at the end of a header, it made the current line a paragraph and added a new line which was a header.

Lists were very difficult to work with, Enter wasn’t working like it should to create new list items.

You can now do alphabetical and roman numeral lists using “a.”, “A.”, “i.”, and “I.” to start the list. You can also start in the middle of a list, such as with “3.” or “c.”.

Special Note

Nobody even mentioned this was broken, so either you’ve been living with it (I’m very sorry), or you don’t use the advanced formatting features. So I will sum them up real quick:


You can create headers in the story notes by using the popup menu when you select text or by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc. through 6 (Cmd if you’re on Mac). Or you can use the markdown format starting a line with “#” and a space or “##” etc up to 6 hashes followed by a space.


Start a line with “1.” and a space to create a numbered list. Start it with “*” or “-” and a space to create a bullet list. Use Tab and Shift+Tab to indent and outdent lists.

Now, for ordered lists, you can use “a.” or “A.” to create a list that is lettered, and “i.” or “I.” to create a roman numeral list.

Also, you can now start ordered lists after 1/a/i by starting with a different number/letter. “c.” will start a list at “c.” with the next item being “d.” and “iv.” will start a list there with the next item being “v.”. Actually, Dabble doesn’t know if you are using letters or roman numerals always, so if it is ambiguous it will be a lettered list. Such as “v.” will follow with “w.” and not “vi.”. But hey, it’s more than you could do before. :smile:


I admit, I didn’t know/use half of it … this will be very useful in the future!

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I was also unawares. In fact, Jacob, you are underselling this. I copied and pasted Markdown text into a story note and it faithfully presented itself in Dabble. Even hyperlinked text survived the journey. So did bolded text. And unicode characters such as :clubs::clubs::clubs:.

BUT why not support this same feature in the manuscript? I mean if this could work then this becomes an easy way to input a Markdown-formatted manuscript from outside and copy-paste it as a new manuscript or new chapter. Chapters and scenes would come from the #, ## and ### headers.


  • Johannes

Hi! I’m having issues with formatting in bold/italics that I wasn’t having before the latest update. When I press cntrl+i to italicize, it only works for one character before going back to normal text. And I can’t seem to… un-bold things. I now have an entire scene that is bold and will not become un-bold :’) Any idea why this might be? Or tips to fix it?

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@amnesicsorcerer this release did contain a bug with italic/bold. I fixed it in the following release. Sorry about that!

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