Release 1.4.16


  • 5 Quotes added!
  • Co-authoring fix
  • Fix bug when moving between fields with Enter or arrow keys
  • Word docx fixes


Added quotes from the community along with some others. Thank you for participating on social media!

Export to Word now produces better docx files for Open Office, Google Docs, and other non-Word programs which were reading extra whitespace in the existing files adding newlines between paragraphs and words. Also removes invalid characters which could cause some Word files to be unopenable.

I also added a couple of other fixes.

did i miss a release for the the co-authoring?


I was wondering the same :slight_smile: … when did that happen and how is it used??

Great to hear about the improved Open Office compatibility as I use that most often … However, since find and replace is live and grammar/orthography, I have started to do the line editing in Dabble, too, which is much easier now. So I only use the export function, when I want to pass it on to beta readers.


Haha, sorry, that was a poorly worded point. The underlying mechanism that allows co-authoring had an issue that was fixed. If you had Dabble open in 2 browsers at once there could have been issues. E.g. if you were sharing an account with someone else, or if you were typing on 2 keyboards at 2 computers at once (because you’re twice as fast that way?) then this fixes an issue there.

That being said, if you need to co-author a project with someone, I can manually share it with them. You won’t be able to see when they are online, their cursor, or manage permissions yourself, but I can set that up for you through support chat if you would like. They will need a Dabble account though.


ah… and that’s good to know about the manual sharing. Though my alpha doesn’t have a dabble account.

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I always type on two keyboards at once. It’s just how I role :wink:

And that’s great! I might take advantage of the manual co-authoring, and we could use note cards (plot points) for comments for now… I’ll message you once I check she still has her account! :smiley:

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I just set a customer up last night, sharing one of their projects with a co-author.

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