Release 1.4.2


  • Spelling and Grammar checking with ProWritingAid
  • Removed the initial chapter un-indent.
  • Fixed sync up when changes offline are more than 500


Dabble partners up with ProWritingAid to provide spell and grammar checking. Head into preferences to turn them on or off.

The book-style un-indent of the first paragraph in a scene has bothered a lot of people, so much that some were including an empty line at the top of the scene just to avoid it. Rather than adding a preference to toggle it on/off, I’ve removed it completely. I apologize if you liked it.


Choosing ProWritingAid is smart. It’s the best spelling and grammar checker I’ve found. Last year I purchased a lifetime subscription, so it’s wonderful to see the spelling and grammar portions included with Dabble.

Keep up the good work, Jacob.

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I’m so glad the un-indent of the first paragraph in a scene has now been removed! Thank you for being so responsive to users - and thank you for all your hard work Jacob; it’s really appreciated!


This is a huge improvement, thank you! Spell and grammar checking were the part of the roadmap I’ve been most anxious to see implemented. Thank you as always for the great product!


Is there a way to turn off the ProWriting Aid? I like to write without any spellcheck working in the background. I find it distracting as I’m writing. I correct my spelling and grammar when I’m reading through my work. I also use Grammarly, and I like it because I can choose to write in American English or Canadian. ProWriting is constantly correcting my Canadian words.


Hi Deborah,

yes! You can find that in the preferences, both spelling and grammar can be switched on and off separately, depending on what process you are currently tackling.

Happy writing!