Release 1.4.9


  • Fixed paste bug when the last line (or only line) of a copy-paste operation was a header, list item, or any non-paragraph
  • Fixed a bug in lists where the cursor would think it was one character off


More of those boring—but essential—releases with a couple of bug fixes.

I am also working on a bug fix for spell check that gives you read underlines across the whole page and other shenanigans. Coming soon. Refresh the page if you see that to get things reset.

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Boring yet essential bug fixes are always welcome. The more boring the better, I say.

Rock on, Jacob!

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I keep getting paragraphs combined when I return to a document. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Hey @TZ_Krasner. Would you reach out through support chat and let me know what project this happened in and where so I can look into it? Other info like how often, etc. would help. This is something I’ve been looking into.