Release 1.5.11


  • Changes chapter headings in Word export to H1/H2 headers


Some other software uses H1/H2 to determine chapter headings. This will help with that, even though I believe their software should be more robust to recognize a single line surrounded by lots of newlines that looks like:


as a chapter. Just sayin’.


Changing chapters to H1 and scenes to H2 is a very welcome change. These are the same headings used when writing in Markdown. These are the same headings used in HTML. It’s the right thing to do.

This change reduces the friction in my workflow.

Update. But Dabble does not emit H2 headings for each of the scenes, instead it emits a pound sign styled as Heading 1, and we lose the scene headings. A scene is emitted as Chapter One with an H1 style. The name of the chapter is emitted with an H2 designation. When a chapter is named First Time then I expect Dabble to issue an H1 heading with that name. When a scene is named Introduction I expect Dabble to issue an H2 heading with that name.

Remember my workflow. I convert the DOCX file to Markdown so I like to see:

First Chapter


bla bla bla

The City

more bla bla

Second Chapter


bla bla

Unexpected Bonus

bla bla bla

Anyway that’s what I’m looking for. That’s how I float my boat.

Many thanks, Jacob!

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