Release 2.0.76 & Desktop 1.6.3


  • Fix word count stats tooltips to stay on screen
  • Add preference to not toggle between UI styles when using mouse and touch screen together
  • Speed up grammar check loading
  • Fix full-screen visual glitches on Windows desktop app


The stats bar graph tooltip was running off-screen, making it impossible to see how many words you wrote today if they were > 99. This has been fixed.

Windows users have had the screen disappearing on them when going into full screen. This was a visual bug with the Chrome-based browser using HTML full-screen. So for the desktop app, Dabble now favors the native full screen over the HTML version which should fix the Chrome display bugs. This does mean that using the Escape key to exit full screen no longer works in the desktop app. You must use the full screen button or the Alt-key menu to exit full screen like other apps.


Hi Jacob,

something is wrong with your new release. I installed it tonight and finished editing my chapters from this weekend. Now I can’t get back in from Chrome or the app. I just see the screen of writers quotes and platitudes. I never see a sign in screen. Please advise. I’ll miss a deadline if I have to recreate all of this work. Thank you.


I’m also having the above-mentioned issue. I can’t access the actual software at all (and had some trouble finding the forum page, since I don’t think it’s linked on the website and I usually get to it through the app).

I am very glad the vanishing-screen problem has been addressed, though, that was bugging me.

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Turns out it was the page reload that turned up an existing issue. Fixed now though. See Dabble back up