Release 2.0.77 & 2.0.78


  • Fixes navigation buttons from overlapping for the desktop app when the window is small enough to use tablet/mobile navigation
  • Fixes checkout from dropping coupons on checkout when adding a credit card
  • Fixes paste from Word for certain documents which were styled strangely


I made a huge mistake in the checkout which dropped coupons on checkout. I’ve reached out to customers who may have been affected by this to issue refunds and get their coupon applied, but if I missed anyone, let me know through email at

These 2 releases were grouped because .78 fixes something from .77 where the <- and -> arrows that appear in desktop to navigate back and forward were showing up.


I think something is off with this release. I can no longer login to the app. It stops at the screen of writer’s quotes and goes no further.

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Turns out it wasn’t the release, but the reloading of the page in September. Fixed now. See Dabble back up