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Release 2.1.41


  • Fixed bug where cursor would jump between lines
  • Fixed bug where typing a letter on a new line could create a new line
  • Fixed bug where text could be inserted into the wrong place in the document
  • Fixed bug where smart quote replacements would lose formatting (bold/italics)
  • Fixed left-hand navigation from shifting into open/close state after project load
  • Fixed left-hand navigation scroll-into-view when moving between documents
  • Made remove-double-spaces work with pasted content
  • Fixed logo size in login screen
  • Fixed jump when auto-focus enables on notes pages


Bug fix spree. Sorry for the sometimes frustrating experience since the last release.


It’s fine, you do an amazing job and to be honest if it were me, it would be bugs galore.

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Thanks, Jacob. I must admit I thought it was me…