Release 2.1.7


  • Increase indent for smaller line spacing
  • Improve plot grid operations
  • Report uncaught errors to writer
  • Improve spell/grammar changes
  • Fix page jump when writing with coauthor


Just a bunch of little bug fixes.


This is really intriguing. I don’t recall seeing any other announcements about coauthoring before. What does it refer to?


Co-authoring isn’t feature-complete yet and isn’t released, but I’m working on it! It means you can share a project with another author in Dabble and work on it together. I have some brave individuals testing this functionality out early without some of the nice things like seeing the cursor or managing authors.

If you have someone you want to co-author with, you can let me know the project and their Dabble account email and I can share the project. All I need is to get feedback about issues.


I’d love to try the feature out!


Ha! Jacob thought he would just slip that in there and nobody would notice. My eyes locked onto coauthor before I read anything else in the post. It’s happening at last!


Sure, but in the future I recommend reaching out in support email/chat for privacy.

It is done.

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Just checking in to see how things are progressing with the co-authoring feature?

Things are coming along. A wrench was thrown into the progress by our family deciding to move to another state. :joy::sob:

I’ve got a bug-fix release coming out tomorrow. I have a few brave souls beta testing co-authoring and haven’t heard any bug reports on that specifically. So I’m optimistic. I hope to release it during camp nano sometime in July. But programmers tend to be overly optimistic, so I can’t promise.

I can say, when co-authoring comes out, you will be thrilled with the other features released with it.

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I’m super stoked about the co-authoring and any other features that come with it!


I am very much looking forward to the comments feature!