Release 2.3.6

Release 2.3 Features

  • Official Image Support
    • Add images in a scene or note
      • by dragging and dropping the image into the empty line
      • by starting a new line and using the + symble to add an image from the hard drive
      • by starting a new line and using the + symbol to search for an image at (must be online)
      • Images larger than 10M are compressed before uploading
    • Add front cover to Books
      • First cover image displays on Recent Projects list
    • Add full page images between Chapters (and in chapters) via the add mechanisms in the menu
    • Add title images for chapters and parts
    • Images can no longer be pasted into a note from a webpage – a warning should be emitted
  • Export to Word for a Book now has some options
  • Default settings now avaialble for Exports check Project Settings (some are only available for Book Manuscript export)
  • Export to Word exports images by default in notes, parts, chapters and scenes, but option available for full book
  • Share book parts to web (Book, Part, Chapter, or Scene viewed as HTML to share with others in read only capacity)
    • Share to web page has a table of contents, a reading progress bar, and remembers where you were at last on the same device
    • Manage shared links in Project Settings
    • Can send shared link to family/friends/readers via email on first creation or later in Project Settings
  • Read to Me function (by selection or whole documents) Premium Feature
  • Thesaurus (context and look up functionality – only in English at present) Premium Feature
  • Colored Plot Card labels
    • Scene Card label is visible in Scene Navigation
    • Can add text to label on Plot Card
  • Track co author changes (disabled by default can enable in Project Settings)
    • Toggle changes colorings on and off in Eye Toggle menu
  • Manuscript, Part and Chapter Note cards now available in side panel
    • When scrolling structured part cards are visible if you have that parent nav item selected. ie: cannot see chapter card when a scene is selected
  • Dictionary Management available in User Settings drop down
  • Better Link creation in notes - typing the @ symbole to get a list of all notes, scenes and chapters to select or continue typing to not select a link
  • Delete key works to remove items in navigation list

Release 2.3 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several pasting issues
  • Fixed links continuing to ‘link’ after a link is attached
  • Fixed some dark mode issues
  • Copying comments from one doc to another no longer copies comments (comments copied into the same document will remain)
  • Bullet points follow note formatting rules
  • Should be able to add plot cards to lower rows in plot grid by dragging and dropping
  • Fixed small screen (tablet sized) from flickering between touch and desktop ui by adding an always use desktop ui in the User Settings
  • Fixed calendar settings in goals for days off
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Dabble just got even better …

Thank you …

How do I get Dabble to “read to me” ?
I remember seeing this was a function and I have never tried it and can’t see how to make it work …

It’s in the word tools tab on the right side bar. At the bottom.

Thank you …