Releases 2.2.0 to 2.2.13

I don’t have access to write to the Release topic, so we’ll have to move it. We’ve been lax in getting these out. So here is the list of changes since the big 2.2.0 release.

Release Notes


  • Collaboration/Co-authoring by inviting another by email from Project Preferences
  • Inline Comments by selecting text and choosing the comment icon
  • Reworked right sidebar to allow for toggling between sections
  • Comment history in sidebar
  • Right sidebar notes available now for book & chapter as well as scene, also story notes and folders
  • Text Highlights by selecting text and choosing the highlight icon
  • Mobile updates require double-tap or clicking the blue pencil icon to edit, in edit mode undo/redo buttons available at the top for undo on mobile, and checkmark to go out of edit mode
  • Tapping on a comment when not in edit mode on mobile will open the comment
  • Sticky notes available for big visuals on scenes needing it
  • Left-hand scene column in plot grid is now sticky, stays visible as you scroll left/right
  • Chapter markers added to scene column in plot grid and to plot line view for easier navigation in plotting
  • Spell-check and grammar check preferences available in the side toolbar for quick access
  • Split scenes and chapters on a blank line and with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Enter) and Ctrl+Shift+Enter - Merge scenes
  • Duplicate Project


  • Fix right click history issue
  • Keep header on screen on mobile after edit mode starts


  • fix grammar suggestion limit
  • fix sticky not display
  • fix part heading text being squished
  • fix plot grid card popups


  • fix switching to comment history breaking bug


  • fix comment place holder and button strings
  • fix deleting multi-line comment delete
  • fix comment bugs and highlight bugs


  • fix editing mode in store notes
  • remove editing mode from ipad landscape


  • fix plot point delete
  • fix notecard overflow
  • fix gBoard not advancing on return
  • fix inline menu from blocking paste menu item
  • fix long chapter heading on older browsers
  • fix error with typewriter release
  • fixed chapter rname issue
  • fixed sticky note overlow issue
  • fixed sticky note drag highlight issue
  • fixed strik-through button highlight
  • added copy link option for when emails block invites
  • fix stats saving
  • fix & in duplicate project
  • fix rolling up issue with stats


  • fix user stats


  • typewriter fix for quotes and double dash replacement


  • fix exception
  • fix sticky note editing


  • fix duplicate project next open
  • fix merge count
  • fix join scene issue
  • fix user stats


  • fix sync issues