When you’re doing research for a book that you’re working on what are the type of resources that you use to do the research?

It depends on the research topic or need. Sometimes, it’s as simple as starting with a keyword search.
If I’m looking for inspiration for a setting I like maps and tourist guides.
If it’s a more in depth topic that I’m completely new to, I’ll use the Wikipedia page to learn terms and check the footnotes for who has written about the topic and when. Then I’ll go digging for higher quality sources.

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To get the science right I use two sites. I start with Google Scholar which is a free resource and you would be surprised how much research has been done over the years on just about any topic. Yes, there be dragons and wizards in there if you look closely. Many of the articles will be free PDFs. I also subscribe to a service called DeepDyve which is expensive but gives access to thousands and thousands of papers that are usually $40 or more per paper. So for example if you want to research a book set in a warmer future where humans have used science to adapt you can research water filtration systems, where the ocean levels will likely be, how humans can survive in high heat environments. I read about some crazy experiments and then I imagine from there.