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I’m curious if there is a way to do “versioning” when writing revisions of scenes or chapters. I don’t necessary want to lose my previous draft. Is there a way of keeping scenes in tact as I originally wrote them, while working on a revision? I’m the kind of writer who has 10 versions of the same paragraph always on file.

One option/work around I thought of was to move the scene I’m working on to a new chapter called “Saved Scenes,” copy the text from that scene and add it back to the chapter. Then go to work on the copy/paste version. Does that make sense?

Seems like it would be easier if the program just allowed you to create versions, with the ability to look back or revert to original.


There is nothing at the time to facilitate that. I know Jacob has it on there list. Check out the today map and feature list on up vote. I can’t get the link at the moment but I will post it later if no one else points you in that direction.


@Loren_Moreno here is the link I couldn’t get on my phone to the feature requests:


The Versioning feature we have planned is one where you can see your project at any point in time, from beginning to current, and step through one change at a time, or jump to a particular day or session. This by itself won’t be that helpful except for recent changes that you can remember. But we will add labels to given versions of your project so you can specify 1st draft, etc.

I hadn’t considered this at the scene-level, just at the project level, but I can see how it would be more useful to label a scene as 1st draft at a given version. I will be sure to consider this as I implement the feature.

Thank you @Loren_Moreno!


Wow, thanks everyone for the update on coming changes. I’ll be waiting patiently.

I figured what I could start doing is just open a new project, name it second draft, and just paste in text scene by scene as I rewrite. This way I preserve the original. Seems like an easy work around.

Cheers! Glad to be part of the community.


… that’s what I did after I published a couple of my short stories:

I moved all “definitely finished” stories over there – reading and enjoying them again, as I went :slight_smile: .

So now, I have a clean project with all my ongoing stuff:

  • manuscript names track themes
  • parts track the status: Unstarted; Unfinished; In Revision; and (editing process) Survivors;
  • each chapter is a short story

Has there been any movement or thoughts on this being implemented?


This is high on the priority list on the roadmap. By way of how Jacob is storing the data, versioning should be available to even past documents. As a beta tester Jacob has a very rudimentary system set up that has slipped into a beta test on occasion. So it is a work in progress. Hopefully, we’ll see it sooner rather than later.


Where would I sign up to join the beta? I’ve really enjoyed Dabble and would love to experience the beta stuff.


@Jacob would need to add you list of beta testers.

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