Scene/Chapter Titles

Hello. I am new here, but I have been using Dabble for a while, yet I have not been able to figure out how to export the scene titles with the manuscript? All I get is chapter one, two, etc.

I did a search before I asked, so sorry if I missed this. I like the plot export feature but how do I get the scene names onto the manuscript export to Word?

Scene titles don’t get exported at present with an export.

From what I’ve been able to glean reading here and there on the Internet, scenes don’t get titles. Chapters get titles.

I’ve concluded that my own writing is problematic. My scenes are far too long and they are rightfully chapters. Now that Dabble lets us split scenes, I can finally fix this.

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I title all my scenes in Dabble (and even when I write elsewhere). Titling my scenes allows me to find a scene and follow the story while I’m writing. The only exception is when I’m writing from multiple first-person accounts and then the scene title is the name of the character and the Chapter Titles are the sequence of events I’m writing.


I also use the scene names as an organization tool for me while writing, not for the reader. If I don’t type in a scene name, it just uses the first few words of the scene which rarely helps me. I can also create a bunch of scenes with titles as sort of a cheap plot outlining technique. The new split & merge scenes is really handy for setting this up.

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Both @AJ_Hunter and @John_Bredesen make an excellent point about why scene titles may be useful to the writer even when they may not be appropriate in the published version.

IMHO this has been a very useful thread.

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+1 to this
I name my scenes and it’s tedious to have to go copy-paste them into vellum when I get to that stage.

Definitely would kill for this feature.