Scene Headers in export

I asked in a few writing FB groups but thought I’d ask here. Mostly to show Jacob that it’s not a “Wilker thing”

When I write, I title all my scenes. Those titles go into the book. Screenshot from Vellum to illustrate.

My question is. Am I alone in this? LOL. Particularly because I want Dabble to export scene titles, and Jacob isn’t sure there’s enough interest :slight_smile:

I asked in a few FB groups and didn’t get much uptake but not sure if that’s because not many are Dabblers or it really is a “Wilker thing” LOL.

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I too was disappointed that my scene titles didn’t export. But I realize scenes don’t typically get titles

I title my scenes because it gives me a means of finding the bits I want quickly.

If I need to have the titles I’d move to a Part/Chapter with a single scene in the chapter. It looks ugly when fully opened but would accomplish the same results And I really only need the scene titles when I’m trying to formulate chapters (or I did, now I write with the chapter/scene structure instead of just a flat set of scenes.)

I think it’s a rare thing to want the titles of a scene to print.

I wouldn’t want my scene titles to print. Chapter titles, yes, but scene titles would be annoying to me as a reader too. I don’t know that I’ve read many (or any, honestly) books with the scenes titled.

Titling the scenes just so I know what’s where and can move them around in the drafting/revision process makes total sense. Just not for the final product.

My .02 worth.

I have just joined Dabble and i just naturally started the Chapter/scene structure for my organizational method.
I title all of my scenes because i have not found any method of tagging in Dabble that allows me alternate methods of organization and retrieval.
Sometimes i have multiple thoughts (relating to the same chapter) written into a single scene. These thoughts at a later date will be made into a scene of their own. What Dabble needs is a method to track both the completion of the contents of the entire scene or parts of the scene that are not yet completed/enjoined into the story.

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Hi Peter, check out the feature request board. The link below points to one that may meet your needs. If so, vote for it and comment if you wish. There may be other requests that would meet your needs better. You can find them using the search function. Mark Scenes as Draft or Complete - Dabble