Screen Rotation in App

Hey guys,
I am terribly sorry if this has been asked before or here is the wrong place to ask, but this has kinda bugged me for a while & I couldn’t find anything on it.

I’m using the app on my android phone, but for some reason it does not follow my phones setting on wether to auto-rotate screen or not. I have set my phone to not do it, but the dabble app still automatically changes into landscape mode…
I could not find any setting in the app, nor could I find any mention of this issue on the forums (granted, it was only a quick search on phone).

Is there a way to prevent this, is it a bug, or would it be a feature to be requested?
Thanks in advance!

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My sense is that it’s not a Dabble issue. I say this because I just tested the screen rotation lock feature on my (non-Android) iPad. Using the Safari web browser. Safari honors the screen rotation lock feature. So does the DuckDuckGo web browser. Therefore so does Dabble. My guess is that the web browser you’re running on your Andoid phone is not honoring the screen rotation lock setting.

I’m going out on a limb and suggest that Dabble has no control over screen rotation.

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Thanks for the fast reply!
As far as I’m aware, the only browser installed on my phone is chrome. Although I wouldn’t put it past them to have that issue.
Trying with DuckDuck and it works. I’ll do some further testing, but thanks again for the quick help! :slight_smile:

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At the risk of standing too long upon my soap box, we every one of us should be using the privacy-friendly DuckDuckGo web browser and search engine anyway :smile:

It’s a bonus that DuckDuckGo browser also works better with ✓ Dabble ✓


I just tested this on my phone and had the same issue. On Chrome and Brave Browser (which is based on Chromium), the Dabble app auto rotates to landscape even when auto rotation is locked/disabled.
The issue did not occur on app created with Firefox.
I have DuckDuckGo Browser installed on my phone but didn’t check on it since other replies mention that it works fine.

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This means Chromium-based browsers don’t honor the auto rotate lock setting. It’s not an issue with Dabble. Any web site will auto rotate in a Chromium-based browser.

Who knew?

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It doesn’t look like this happens on all PWAs created with Chromium-based browsers. I just checked the Associated Press PWA and it did honour the auto rotate setting.

Edit: I realised that the Associated Press PWA doesn’t support landscape mode at all, so there was no way for that to be messed up. It really just might be an issue with PWAs created with Chromium-based browsers.

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