Seeking Moderators for Our New Writing Community!

Hello, Valued Forum Users! My name is Grace Thieme and I am the Community Manager here at Dabble. As such, I am leading the charge on our new writing community, which will be opening next Friday! This community, the Story Craft Café, will be hosted on a platform called and will be completely free for Dabble users and non-Dabble users. A few of the perks of this community are daily writing prompts, weekly challenges, lectures and live Q&A sessions with authors, and writing group facilitation.

As part of our final preparations before launch, we are looking for Dabble users who may be interested in helping to moderate either a genre specific space, or the Dabble Questions space. All of these spaces will operate basically as forums, where members can post a question and receive answers via the comments on their post.

We currently have genre specific spaces for Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, YA, and Historical Fiction. The Dabble Questions space will serve as a space for Dabble users to ask technical usage questions, and for non-Dabble users to ask about the product.

Moderation will involve checking in on your designated space regularly to answer questions and help facilitate conversation, as well as flagging potentially inappropriate content. For genre specific spaces, I will have writing prompts and conversation starters available for moderators to use if they wish.

If this sounds fun, please send me an email at or leave your email here and I’ll reach out to you. I will send you the link to get into the community as well as some more specific information about how to navigate Circle, so that you can look around decide if this is right for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave them here. I can’t wait to watch this community grow, and I’m hopeful that some of you will join me in making these spaces come to life!

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