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I’ve switched to dabble 100% now because of the same features with mobile. I’ve loved dabble since before it but with mobile I can write anywhere I want and never lose a beat.

I love writing with my bluetooth keyboard and phone, though I choose my laptop when I’m at home cause it’s keyboard is bigger.


I’ve condensed too with the implementation of Mobile. I still have Evernote for brain vomit, but I don’t often use it now and never for writing.

4thewords is the only other program I properly use now, and it’s a completely seperate thing. Most of the time I write in Dabble and copy across my work at the end of the day.

I now have plans to get a small Bluetooth keyboard so I don’t have to take my laptop everywhere with me and can still write at my normal speed.


bluetooth keyboard is SO worth the money.


I bought for “Dabble marketing at conferences”. That’s the official reason, and I’m sticking with it!


How do you like the Qwerkywriter keyboard? I’ve been looking at that with lust ever since it came out.

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It’s pretty awesome. The action is nice, the clickety is great, and it feels good.

I actually haven’t used it that much though. It doesn’t work great for programming because the Cmd key is too far left (or right, I don’t remember) and throws me for keyboard shortcuts which I use constantly. And I still haven’t made time for myself to write much because all focus was on getting the mobile launch finished & released. Now that mobile is out, I should start writing again.


A large mechanical keyboard is what I prefer to write with. I own both a Razer and a DasKeyboard and love both of them. They’re USB connected devices.

Now I do own an iPhone and an iPad but typing any significant amount of material on a glass screen drives me to drink. A full-sized mechanical Bluetooth keyboard is something I need to look into.


I’m a very visual thinker. I also have a very untidy mind. Scrivener is very complicated and does a lot of stuff I really don’t need. It’s also geared toward non-visual thinkers.

Comparing the two products forced me to ponder how I think and EXACTLY what I need writing software to do. I came up with:

  • the ability to move the pieces of my book around easily, like puzzle pieces
  • the ability to upload/download from/to Word
  • help with plotting and time lines.
    And that’s really it. Anything else is embroidery for me and carries the risk of becoming overly complicated.

What I don’t need:

  • outlining. The only way I can outline is after the fact. I just don’t think that way. Being able to see the pieces and move them around is essential.
  • software so complicated people make a living teaching other people how to use it.

Initially I had to copy-paste what I’d done previously into Dabble. That kind of put me off, but I was so in the weeds I was desperate. It turned out to not be all that onerous. Hopefully Jacob is planning to implement the ability to upload from Word.

I am very intrigued by the plot grid. It seems ideal for my visual mind. So far I’m having trouble grasping it, but I’m only dealing with it as an after thought once I’ve met my daily word goal. I’m too busy drafting chapters to focus much on it right now.

I’ll use all the Help resources to learn how to use the grid, but I know I’ll get stuck sooner or later. Part of why I went with Dabble is because I already know Jacob’s got my back on the learning curve.

To be honest, once I get that plot grid figured out (I’ve set up a separate plot grid called Timeline for tracking when story events happend) I’ll be good to go with Dabble.

My only hope is that it doesn’t get too complicated over time. That looks unlikely. So far Jacob’s been busy improving and implementing by popular request.


Keep Dabble simple is a priority. I put extra work into each feature to keep things simple. The easier something feels, the longer it likely took to design and create. Some of our existing features I feel could still be simplified and will likely work to improve Dabble’s ease-of-use even more in the future.


Bless you. Complication has lost its appeal in my life.


For me it is the sync everywhere and autosave feature.

I wrote 7 novels on Twitter which I loved because it was free and simple. Tried Dabble on a whim as it was free and whilst I liked it I couldn’t see too much different.

I was ready to return to Ywriter but something kept pulling me back. Ywriter was great bit trying to get it to sync between devices was a pain. There were also times I lost work and although I almost always got it back, it was a hassle.

Dabble is seamless, effortless and apart from my usual writing times I can add to my novel or notes anywhere, anytime.

I haven’t quite figured out the storyboard yet but I keep notes well enough which more than suffice.

In short I love it and my productivity has gone up.


It’s one of the few softwares that doesn’t give me anxiety from being too bare yet too full.

It also has dark mode and I love playing with the many document settings (because who doesn’t love buttons).


Also I love how you can interact with the people and it isn’t intimidating (for example: calling Amazon is scary).


Continuing the discussion from Sell Me On Dabble:

I used Scrivener for my MA in Creative Writing and have just started to try to use Dabble.

So far plus points are:

  • Nicer interface
  • Desktop app
  • Cloud saving - whilst you can do this with Scrivener I use both Windows and Mac and synching between the two was a nightmare
  • Link to Nanowrimo
  • Plot function

Room for improvement

  • A quick way to import Scrivener files as it was a pain to set everything up again in there
  • A Research area - I created a folder in Dabble and am in the process of pulling in all my research but would be good to see something similar or better than in Scrivener
  • Timeline function - we have the plot area but I like that apps like Aeon Timeline sync with Scrivener. When you are writing a long piece of work a graphical timeline with dates and times would be great - maybe it could be added to the plotting area somehow
  • Templates - I would like to see templates/checklist for areas like characters as there are some fundamental things I have learned with crafting characters as part of my degree that would help people get started

Things I still have to test so will update on this thread:

Extensive synching between devices