Separating scenes and manually placing three star dividers?

I’m unsure of how I should be organizing my story. I want to have multiple “scenes” to give me as the writer as easier way to navigate, as well as starting a new paragraph without indentation. When I look over my entire story, however, each scene has stars between them. I wanted stars in two locations in my story, through 10 “scenes”, but I can’t seem to select, delete, or add them, nor can I find a setting for these anywhere I’ve looked. Any help or tips would be appreciated!

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I’m assuming you mean on export? In word you should be able to do a mass find and replace on the stars to remove them.

If you are in dabble and you have the stars you can typically copy and paste the scene back in and it will split the scenes for you.

But since I’m not sure what exactly you are talking about I can’t be more helpful.

Can you share a screenshot of what you mean? If you think it might be an issue with dabble I would contact support either through dabble itself or email

Yes, I noticed that you can copy written material with 3 stars, which is automatically separated, but my issue is that I want to split parts of my story without having those three stars between the “scenes”. For example, I may have a 4 part story. One part happens with characters in a shop, and the second part is a conversation they have while exiting the shop, walking down the street. The third part occurs while they’re in the bar, and then I want stars to separate a time-skip where they’re now out of the bar, and on to the next task. I don’t want to split the chapter here, however. I want these 4 “scenes” within my chapter with only one set of stars.

That is a display only thing. That isn’t how it’ll necessarily be formatted.

When you export the page to word you WILL get a # as a scene separator. This is so you can import the scenes and know where the deliniation is in Word, but you can remove it in word. In Dabble when looking at the Book or Chapters it’s merely a display feature.

The way I do this is to write the scenes that I want to appear as asterisk-separated scenes (true “scenes”) as a single Dabble scene. For those I don’t wish to have marked as being separate, I insert an extra line break. So, in your example, I would create one Dabble scene and write the first three mini-scenes, manually separated by additional line breaks, and a second Dabble scene that contained the concluding mini-scene. You can then add further scenes within the same chapter, if that’s appropriate.

Yes, that would make two dabble scenes.

on Export, those 3 Astrix scenes would be replaced with a single #

But on paste import you can separate your scenes with a # or 3 Astrix and dabble will separate them for you.