Setting up Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon 15 set up is pretty easy. Install, test your mic (I use both a cheaper head set and a blue yeti on a boom." Open Dabble and start dragon and your on.

But there are two commands I like to set up in the “Tools->add new auto text” feature of Dragon. Two commands I call “Quote that.” and “Finish Quote.” This is a little picky thing that has to do with flow. I don’t like to say “Open Quote, close quote.” It’s silly I know but speaking punctuation is a pain. This is OK with period, question mark etc… but the quotes in dialog drive me nuts.

Quote that… is a macro that put two " on the screen and then backs up to put the cursor between them.
The command sequence is “Step-by-step”

  1. Send keys “.” (note the period in there, you need that to get the quotes to open and close.
  2. Press Left (arrow keys)
  3. Backspace (gets ride of the period. as dialog can end in comma, question or exclamiation)

Finish Quote jumps the cursor out of the quote and adds a space.
Again it is step by step and the commands are

  1. press left,
  2. and space.

Within dragon under Options->Miscellaneous I like to turn on “Have the microphone on but asleep” under the profile launch options. So I can just start by saying “Wake up.”

Under Tools->auto-formatting I like to turn on Automatically add commas and periods. Although some find that annoying. But this helps me when I say “new line” it will put in the period.

That said I tend to only use “Wake up.” “Go to sleep.” and “Scratch that” which removes my last diction so I can restate. Much easier than trying to highlight and manipulate.

At first it’s slower. You have to learn it and practice. You have to be OK with producing a DRAFT. and let the edit phase be a separate thing from the writing. Trying to edit and write with dragon will drag your speed down.

What about transcription. I have the version that transcribes. Whole new issues arise. Here it’s you and the tape recorder on a walk. The system does take commands. BUT… you have to be sure you pause clearly or you will get a lot of typing out of punctuation. I do use a recording app on my android phone. So it does not have to be a separate device but I do recommend it if you have the money (But Dragons 400 dollar option is WAY to high priced IMO)


Thank you @Bella_Cooper! Amazing work.

@Bella_Cooper this is fantastic! I was just looking at how to make Dragon and Dabble work together and these tips are incredible. Thank you so much.

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