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Anyone published anything they wrote on Dabble?

Last year I wrote a novel on Dabble. 72,000 words. I finally got it published earlier this year.
I wrote this last year in Dabble, and finally got it published earlier this year. It was an educational process to go through! I hired an editor and got it polished off. Then I found a designer to do my cover, and I’m so happy with it.

If anyone’s interested in reading it, it’s only .99c at the moment. Here’s the link below to my website which has the links to the different platforms.

J.A. Gates website

Share your finished works here with the community! Support each other in reading them.


Congratulations, that is awesome! Just bought it. Your “about” (you) section convinced me. I’ve got a few books in line but I’ll start reading soon. I’m working on my second novel. I wrote most of the first in Dabble and letting it “cool off” in a drawer for a while.

Hope your novel is wildly successful!


Thank you so much! It’s good feedback to know what part of the website convinced you. I hope you enjoy it!
Let us know when you do publish and I’ll buy it!

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Congrats on your publication! I’m thinking of self-publishing a novel, too, so I actually have something to share here. Honestly I don’t know why I’m stalling, but it’s what I do :roll_eyes: Aside from Dabble, did you have any tools to help you format the books for the various platforms?

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I hired someone to format it for me since I don’t have the experience to get it right! It only cost $50 so it wasn’t too bad. The program she used is called Vellum. Apparently it’s pretty easy to use and it creates beautiful looking books. I would have bought the program myself, but it runs on a Mac.


Eventually I want to create a “Vellum in the browser” product to support Dabblers and those not using Dabble too. Someday, maybe. :slight_smile: