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Short Story Format?


I’m curious as to whether Dabble will eventually consider adding a short story format. I would love to have all my work here on the cloud, and I write novels and short stories equally, but I find that the layout is a bit annoying to work with when I have no chapters. Excellent for my novels, of course.



I don’t necessarily write short stories but I do think this is a fascinating idea!

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Consider treating a Dabble project like an anthology, and each ‘chapter’ could be a short story of its own. You can organize by theme or style, and even if you can’t drag chapters from one project to another, with each chapter being the full tale, a copy/paste of the whole document would be easy to accomplish in different tabs.



Dabble was built to be flexible and support different types of projects. I would be interested to learn more about what a short story format would look like and what tools you would need (and not need) for it.

Other project types I would like to add to Dabble in the future are:

  • Writing Journal — a project that gives you random writing prompts and exercises to complete every day to get your brain going. Hopefully it can help with writer’s block as well.
  • Non-fiction — more tools for attributions, callouts, images, etc.
  • Screenplays — would be great to write screenplays in Dabble
  • Thesis — for writing that dissertation you need to finish for school
  • General — a project for notes, random thoughts, etc

And don’t fear, those who might be worried about Dabble’s novel experience if it expands. Even if we support all these, someday, eventually, down the road, in the distant future, each project type has unique code and data handling, so writing novels will remain as easy as it is today.



That’s how I do it and it works well for me. I use parts to differentiate between story ideas (unstarted), unfinished stories and shorts in beta read. For fully finished/published shorts, I use further ‘books’ in the manuscripts with the title of the shorts’ collection. That allows me to easily move the position around and organize the book for publishing.

Clearly, I don’t really need the world and character building section, though that’s always good to have for additional research or notes.
In any case, I continue to use the plot grid also with short stories heavily.

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I love the plot grid in Dabble! I use it religiously. I love that I can pop back into it to make certain I haven’t missed anything in the chapter. Dabble has done wonders to speed up my writing process.

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This is a very cool idea, and Dabble works awesome for my short story anthologies, but I feel like because I write collections this might be confusing for me when it comes to the stand alone stories.

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I’d be really keen for this, it sounds like such a great idea.

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I guess what I would be picturing for a short story format (at least what I would need, personally) is the removal of chapters, and possibly just having the story notes section. Almost like just a blank page with a simple note setup. That being said, I still don’t fully understand how to use the scene notes, and how that differs from the plot notes, so maybe even just the scene notes.

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Hi Hannah,

you could have a look at our Plot Function discussion here:

@Jacob recently made changes to the plot and scene section, that are meant to make it more obvious. If you do not create a plot grid for your WIP, you have the book scenes to take simple notes in a single note card. In any other case, you have to create a plot grid first (see above discussion for details) and then you can customize many additional plot points for each scene.