Spell Check box moves

Lately, I’ve been noticing that every so often the spellcheck box when I hover over the misspelled work keeps moving to the right, and on each subsequent mouseover it moves more to the right until it’s completely off-screen.

Refreshing does not work, I have to close it then reopen it for it to take effect. It’s happened to me several times now.

I am currently using the installed Chrome version PWA on my windows machine (not the desktop app)

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I’ve also noticed this, though I usually manage to capture the box before it disappears …

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You have to work for it! This is the penalty for misspelling words.


I’ll have to look into that.


well then I’m gonna be working a long time cause I misspell the same words ALL the time.


I feel that :joy: Basically the story of my (writing) life.