Split chapter - it made my scenes out of order

I love the new split chapter feature, as I write in scenes and put the chapters later.

That said, I recently split a chapter–and it messed up the orders of scenes!

It’s a tragedy, as

  1. I pressed ctrl-z a bunch of times and couldn’t undo it.
  2. I had some 40 scenes, and now they’re all scrambled. :grimacing:

For example, the scene right after where I split was moved to the end, and two scenes from the end came to the beginning. If I knew it was like that, I would split the old way, by creating chapters at the end then dragging. Anyway, I hope it gets fixed. It’s fine for now but I’m going to struggle a bit.

Probably best to take this to support so they can see directly, but that’s definitely not the intended way it is to work. Was it a long list of scenes? In one chapter you were breaking a part? Or is it mixing them up inside of chapters too?

I was thinking maybe someone would have tips. What’s happening is that it’s reversing the order of all scenes after the chapter break.

I actually found a workaround and a solution. I split and create a chapter, then the system will invert the order, then I split again on the first empty scene. Since it inverts it again, they’ll be back in order. I’ll have created 2 new chapters, but I can drag the scenes there. It worked.

It had some 40 scenes or more, so it was a long list of scenes. As I kept splitting and dragging, it got shorter, and always reversing the order of scenes.

It’s not supposed to do that. I’m glad you found a work around. We’ll take a look at that.

It is definitely doing strange things. I did notice there was a new update, but the issue regarding splitting and creating a new chapter is still changing the scene order.

The update that went out wasn’t for anything to do with bugs. But I will take a look at this today.

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